This is now a legacy page, linked from Juliette's Cafe (the Virtual Arisbe On-line Meeting Space), which lost its host when Diversity University was closed. Broken links have been replaced with Internet Archive links where possible. Text in brackets is by B.U.

Virtual Arisbe Telnet Access Page


The Telnet Address for Diversity University is: MOO.DU.ORG:8888 [link went to telnet://moo.du.org:8888 — B.U.]

If you have a standard Telnet application already installed on your harddisk, then clicking on the link above should activate this software automatically and open a connection for you.

Log on by keying

co anonymous

(no password necessary)

Then type

@go #23820


@join Juliette

to go to the Virtual Arisbe space

MOO Clients

If you are in a situation where you need to use Telnet to connect to Diversity University MOO, then it is a distinct advantage to download and install a special MOO client. None of these are especially good to work with, but most function fine for chatting.

You should be able to find various clients for different operative system types at one of the following sites:

Otherwise see Daniel Schneider's TECFA Educational VR page (large: 87kb) from whence these links were fetched for a lot more information.

E-mail me [obsolete contact information removed] if you have any questions or suggestions for further improvements of this page.

Hope to 'see' you soon at Virtual Arisbe!


End of old page.

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