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Charles Peirce
MS L75: Version 1

*  [Covering Letter for the Application]
 §1: Explanation of what work is proposed
 1. On the Classification of the Theoretic Sciences of Research
 2. On the Simplest Mathematics
 3. Analysis of the Conceptions of Mathematics
 4. Analysis of the Methods of Mathematical Demonstration
 5. On the Qualities of the Three Categories of Experience
 6. On the Categories in Their Reactional Aspects
 7. On the Categories in Their Mediate Aspects
 8. Examination of the Historical Lists of Categories
[The Normative Sciences]
 9. On the Bearing of Esthetics and Ethics upon Logic
[Logic in the Broad Sense (Semeiotic)]
 10. On the Presuppositions of Logic
 11 On the Logical Conception of Mind
 12. On the Definition of Logic
 13. On the Division of Logic
 14. On the Method of Discovering & Establishing the Truths of Logic
[Stechiologic or Universal Grammar]
 15. Of the Nature of Stechiologic
 16. A General Outline of Stechiologic
 17. On Terms
 18. On Propositions
 19. On Arguments
[Critical Logic, Logic in the "Narrow" Sense]
 20. Of Critical Logic in General
 21. Of First Premises
 22. The Logic of Chance
 23. On the Validity of Induction
 24. On the Justification of Abduction
 25. Of Mixed Arguments
 26. On Fallacies
[Methodeutic or Universal Rhetoric]
 27. Of Methodeutic
 28. On the Economics of Research
 29. On the Course of Research
 30. On Systems of Doctrine
 31. On Classification
 32. On Definition and the Clearness of Ideas
 33. On Objective Logic
 34. On the Uniformity of Nature
 35. On Metaphysics
 36. On the Reality and Nature of Time and Space
 §2: Considerations as to its Utility
 §3: Estimate of the Labor it will involve
 §4: Estimate of Other Expense involved.
 §5: Statement as to the Need of aid from the Carnegie Institution.
 §6: Suggestion of a Plan by which aid might be extended.
 §7: Estimate of the Probability of Completion of the work, etc.
 §8: Remarks as to the Probable Net Cost to the Carnegie Institution, in money and in efficiency.
 §9: Statement of my apprehension of the Basis of my claim for aid.

NOTE: The material in brackets in the table above is editorially provided to indicate the underlying conceptual structure of the table. Otherwise the wording is by Peirce himself

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