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Subject:  Arts referred to in Peirce L75
From:  Bo Larsson    <bo.larsson@mailbox.swipnet.se>
     Organization: Praktikertjänst AB
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 20:10

Dear Mr. Ransdell,

As I am a comparatively late student of Peirce I could not possibly answer your question: "Does anyone know what Peirce is referring to as regards these special arts"? (L75, part 3). I am certainly not such a person, nor one who "knows" the answer to the question. But I would nevertheless like to communicate my first reactions to your admirable publication on the Internet of his "L75", as I think they might have some relevance to what you are asking for.

When reading Peirce, I was immediatly struck by the large similarities of his way of philosophizing and that of Husserl's. So I wonder if Peirce's "arts" have something in common with the explicitly stated philosophical "methods" of Husserl. I think that Peirce's prime "art" could correspond to Husserl's "eidetic insight" (Wesensshau), and his secondary to Husserl's "phenomenological reduction" (bracketing, epoché). If this is true I think a very constructive dialogue could appear between Peirce and Husserl scholars.

Yours sincerely,

Bo Larsson

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