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The Essential Peirce: Selected Philosophical Writings

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Volume Table of
Notes Errata Introduction Editors Apparatus
Volume 1 (18671893), 1992 T.O.C. Notes Errata By Nathan Houser Nathan Houser & Christian J. W. Kloesel Apparatus
Volume 2 (18931913), 1998 T.O.C. Notes Errata By Nathan Houser Stage 1: Houser & Kloesel
Stage 2: The Peirce Edition Project

Selections from the Writings of Charles S. Peirce (book series)

PEP description (PDF)
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Book Description Table of
Introduction Editors Miscellaneous
Philosophy of Mathematics: Selected Writings, 2010, xli + 290 pages. PEP description (PDF) T.O.C. By Matthew E. Moore Matthew E. Moore Related: New Essays on Peirce's Mathematical Philosophy, 384 pages, Matthew E. Moore, editor, 2010. Open Court catalog page.

Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition

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Volume Table of
Introduction Editors (Peirce Edition Project) Miscellaneous
Volume 1 (18571866), 1981. T.O.C. By Max H. Fisch Edward C. Moore, Max H. Fisch, et al.
Volume 2 (18671871), 1984. Much online gratis. T.O.C. By Max H. Fisch Moore, Fisch, Christian J.W. Kloesel, et al.
Volume 3 (18721878), 1986, 672 pp. T.O.C. By Max H. Fisch Kloesel, Fisch, et al.
Volume 4 (18791884), 1989, 768 pp. T.O.C. By Nathan Houser Kloesel, Fisch, et al.
Volume 5 (18841886), 1993, 678 pp. T.O.C. By Nathan Houser Kloesel, Fisch, et al.
Volume 6 (18861890), 2000, 656 pp. T.O.C. By Nathan Houser Nathan Houser et al. Annotations
Volume 7 (Century Dict. work), forthcoming — Updates 2012 & 2013.     François Latraverse et al.
Volume 8 (18901892), 2009, 824 pp. T.O.C. By Nathan Houser Cornelis de Waal, André De Tienne, et al.
Volume 9 (August 1892–summer's start 1893), in progress — Update April 2012.    
Volume 11 (1894: How to Reason: A Critick of Arguments), in progress — Update April 2012.    
Volume 22 (The 1903 Lowell Lectures), in progress.     Helmut Pape et al.

"The Peirce Edition Project" (YouTube video, 2009): André De Tienne, Cornelis de Waal, & a tour
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Peirce books from Indiana University Press

Excerpt from the Minutes of the Business Meeting of the Charles Sanders Peirce Society, 27 February, 2014 (PDF)

5. Report from the Peirce Edition Project
André de Tienne delivered the following report from the Peirce Edition Project:

There is a somber mood at the Peirce Edition Project compared to previous years. This has been one of the P E Ps most challenging years; André and his staff are working to rebuild things for better future.

Financially, the P E P can no longer count on funding from the N E H. The P E P applied for N E H funding two and three years ago. While the applications were highly reviewed and judged, they were rejected. (The Dewey and Royce editions have lately met the same fate with the N E H.) Seeking N E H funding is a lot of work and the returns are very small; it has become a waste of time for the P E P to apply.

Progress on volumes 7, 9 and 11 has not been great because of a shortage of crucial staff to do the work. The staff complement at I U P U I includes André, two staff members, and two graduate students. Publication in 2014 is unlikely; volume 9 may be published in 2015, if all goes well.

The P E P needs support, in particular philosophers to work on the manuscripts and to develop funding lines for this work.

An additional challenge is the transition to new technology — the old technology cannot be relied on for future volumes. The good news is that there has been progress in the development and implementation of STEP, the new technology. P E P staff are also working on another platform, CORPUS — an online platform to publish great deal of edition. This platform has been fully prototyped by school of informatics at I U P U I and looks like it will work well for P E P.

Delivered verbally by André De Tienne, Director and General Editor, P E P
Recorded by Richard Atkins; transcribed by Shannon Dea.

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